Our mission is to enable our patients to return to a more active, independent lifestyle. To build a lifelong partnership with our patients and to provide cutting edge prosthetic and orthotic care. Our company’s success is not from one individual, but expresses a team achievement.

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YaVonne Money, certified Prosthetist,B.S.,MHS

A pure Detroit product, is the sole proprietor of Above and Beyond Orthopedics,LLC as well as a certified prosthetist. She evaluates patients for prosthetics and manufactures prosthetic limbs for each patient on site in the prosthetic laboratory. Prior to the opening of Above and Beyond Orthopedics,LLC she was the Chief of the Prosthetic Laboratory at the Veterans Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. She received her bachelors of science in management and health services in 2002 and attended California State Dominguez Hill University in 2002 to 2003 where she earned her post- bachelor certificate in Prosthetics. She completed her residency at the Center for Prosthetics, in Columbia, SC in 2004.

YaVonne enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, exercising and hearing and receiving wisdom from her senior citizens clients.


Azhar Hussain Faiz Bhatti, COF

Mr. Azhar Hussain Faiz Bhatti is a Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF) with a Bachelor of Science in Prosthetic and Orthotic from Pakistan (PIPOS) with 20 years experience in Gulf (Dubai), Oman, Pakistan, Germany and in USA.

Prior to joining our Above and Beyond team, Mt Azhar served in his local community in Wisconsin and at Spectrum Orthotics and Prosthetics in Oregon fitting prosthetic and orthopedic devices. 

His hobbies are spending time with family, gardening and traveling abroad. His passion is helping others in his home town of Pakistan, where he visits every two years.

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currently hiring a Certified orthotist

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Certified Orthotist / Certified Orthotic fitter

Above and Beyond Orthopedics is an independently owned O&P and DME practice located  at the Beaumont Medical Plaza building on the Grosse Pointe Campus. We have been in business for 10 YEARS! We are seeking  ABC/BOC-certified orthotic practitioners. Individuals should be self-motivated and have excellent clinical and interpersonal skills. Candidates must have at least three years of experience.

Send resume to:

Above and Beyond Orthopedics

Fax: 313.965.7885




How can I reduce the risk of amputation?

You can practice good foot hygiene and care.  Smoking and other factors can affect the body and decrease valuable circulation required to maintain healthy limbs.  It is important to practice proper safety habits around machinery.  If you have been diagnosis with diabetes, it is very important to check your feet on a daily basis and report any changes to your  physician immediately.  A proper diet and exercise regiment  prescribed by your physician is recommended.  Diabetic shoes and custom insoles are sometimes prescribed by your physician also as a preventative measure.

My physician has informed me that I will be needing an amputation in the near future. Is it too soon to have an initial consultation?

Absolutely not!  In fact, your physician may order that for you prior to your admission to the hospital, or immediately after your surgery.  Many people have consultations before surgery to gain insight and direction for life after the amputation.  Patients should feel free to discuss their concerns and ask questions of their prosthetist.  The relationship between patient and prosthetist will have a vital role in the patient’s future mobility.

How is the decision made on what type of prosthesis I will receive?

Your physician must write a prescription for your leg, however, your certified practitioner has the job of assessing your current requirements for daily life and generating a prosthetic design that will accommodate your individual needs.  Your activity level potential and your weight class will play a vital role in determining the components used to create your custom prosthesis.  Other factors such as your overall health and skin integrity will also help determine your components.


Orthotics and prosthetics are covered under Medicare and most private insurances policies. Our patient account representatives will gladly assist you with your insurance coverage or obtain a Certificate of Medical Necessity from your physician. We will file your insurance claims for you, acquire all necessary documentation and apply for prior approval. We will use our connections through a variety of sources to help those without the necessary insurances to get funding for what they need.
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Product Offerings

Above and Beyond Orthopedics, LLC has provided services for over 10 years. We strive on our patients mental and physical success. We provide patients with the best choice for limb loss and orthotic solutions. We are trained and experienced prosthetic and orthotic practitioners, bringing services to the people all over the Detroit metropolitan area. We have been providing individualized, personable, and thorough care to our patients.

The care we provide to our patients afflicted due to injury or disease alike is personalized. We strive to empower you to reach your full potential and maximize your abilities. Our ultimate goal is for our patients is to restore mobility and quality of life.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

man standing with medical professional showing off his new prosthetic leg
“I’ve received great service from the
staff at above and beyond
orthopedics, LLC. I really liked
that it is a women owned business
and they made me feel really
comfortable and welcome.” I
would recommend family and
friends who are in need of any of
their services to give them a call.

Laura, avid runner who received custom orthotics
I just want to start this off with a huge “Thank You” to YaVonne and all the staff at Above and Beyond
Orthopedics! I started coming to see Miss Money, as I call her, in 2015 and she’s made a few legs for
me since then. She does awesome work, she’s an expert at her craft! The most important thing I
would like to highlight is how easy it is to communicate with her. She’s a great listener and takes my
thoughts and any concerns I have seriously. Then gives me real options to accommodate any specific
things I would like in my potential prosthesis. It’s an understatement to say that I am a bit rough on my
prosthetic legs. Between work and all the time I spend hiking on disc golf courses I really put my legs
through their paces. So I need them to be very durable, which Miss Money accommodates . I do still
occasionally damage my leg but I don’t worry about it too much because I know that I can call Above
and Beyond and they will get me in quickly to repair any damage I’ve done. If I could sum my
experience with Above and Beyond Orthopedics up with one sentence it would go like this. These are
GREAT people doing GREAT things for anyone who walks through their door!

Tyler Koepkey

main office of above and beyond orthopedics