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Prosthetics in Grosse Pointe, MI

At Above and Beyond Orthopedics, we help hundreds of patients with limb loss achieve mobility and independence every single year. Our team is educated and passionate about what they do, and we leverage the most current innovations in the industry to provide the highest quality of care for each person we serve.

Mobility is synonymous with freedom. At Above and Beyond, we can empower you to go where you like, when you like, how you like with customized prosthetics to match your lifestyle. Regain your strength, power, and spirit at Above and Beyond today.

We provide prosthetic solutions for all levels of lower limb loss using appropriate components and state-of-the-art technology. Walk, run, hike, bike, and whatever you like with custom-fitted prosthetics from Above & Beyond.

The loss of a limb or digit shouldn’t hold you back from the activities and functions you enjoy. We’ll match you with a custom-fitted upper extremity prosthetic for arms, hands, and fingers to restore your dexterity and freedom.

A secure, comfortable fit is key to increasing mobility and independence. The right socket, liners, and accessories, together with our cutting-edge prosthetics, can give you back your freedom. Above and Beyond will match you with the accessories you need to get where you want to go.

We Go Above & Beyond for Our Patients

“I received excellent services. I didn’t have to wait a long time before being seen, and the staff was very professional and my needs were met and I can honestly say I’d recommend my family and friends here.”

– Lamor Love

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If you have any questions or are ready to learn more about your prosthetic options, schedule a free evaluation today! At Above and Beyond Orthopedics, we won’t rest until you have what you need to face the world how and when you desire each and every day. 

A full life means full mobility, full freedom, and a fuller you. With custom fits, sockets, liners, and accessories, you’ll find what you need at Above and Beyond Orthopedics in Grosse Pointe, MI, and the greater metro Detroit area today.

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