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young man on a park bench switching out his prosthetic leg for a leisure one

Prosthetic Sockets, Liners, & Accessories in Grosse Pointe, MI

The best prosthetic devices are only as good as their comfortable and frequent usage. When you fit snugly and comfortably in your upper or lower extremity prosthesis, you’re more likely to use and benefit from it. At Above & Beyond Orthopedics in Grosse Pointe, MI, we’ve helped Michiganders of all creeds, colors, and needs form a bond with their prosthetic device. Maximum comfort translates to maximum mobility and a fuller enjoyment of life!  

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For a Good, Comfortable Fit

No two residual limbs are the same. It follows that even customized prosthetic devices may not always fit perfectly and without pinching, aches, or pains. Even weight distribution across a soft, but springy, surface is especially necessary for lower limb prosthetic devices. Find what you need at Above & Beyond!


The right socket should firmly embrace your residual limb, but not too firmly. A proper fitting socket distributes weight evenly, prohibits pinch points, and reduces discomfort from usage.


Liners serve as a barrier between your limb and your prosthetic socket. Often made of silicone, gel, urethane, or thermoplastics, we can match you and your device with the optimal liner.


A prosthetic device comes with its own lifestyle. From skincare to cosmetic accessories, or prosthetic socks for a consistent fit, we can introduce you to the accessories you need.

Custom Fittings

The more bespoke the prosthesis, the better chance of dependability and comfort. At Above & Beyond Orthopedics, we customize your prosthetic device to match your residual limb.

Patient Testimonial

“I received excellent services. I didn’t have to wait a long time before being seen, and the staff was very professional, and my needs were met, and I can honestly say I’d recommend my family and friends [go] here.”

-Lamor L.

Comfortable Fits, Mobile People

Putting up with an uncomfortable or even painful prosthetic simply defeats the point. Form and function have to agree so that you can get the most from your prosthetic device. As a local, minority- and woman-owned business, Above & Beyond Orthopedics knows that any prosthesis is only as good as its fit. We can customize your device to better fit your residual limb and then help you settle into it with sockets, liners, and accessories. For maximum comfort and maximum mobility, there’s Above & Beyond in Grosse Pointe, MI.

To learn more about how to increase your comfort, or to find a better solution based on your individual fit, schedule your free evaluation today! At Above and Beyond Orthopedics, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you achieve comfort, freedom, and peace of mind.

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