Foot or Partial Foot Loss

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Foot Or Partial Foot Loss

Foot and partial foot loss can be a challenging experience, but with the help of prosthetic technology and physical therapy, individuals can regain mobility and independence. It is also important for individuals to have a strong support system to help them through the recovery process. With the help of these resources and the experts at Above and Beyond Orthopedics, individuals with foot or partial foot loss can lead active and fulfilling lives.

Our goal at Above and Beyond Orthopedics is to enable the residents in the Metro Detroit area to achieve a mobile, active, and independent lifestyle. We understand that each individual is different and has different needs, and we strive to give individualized, personable, and thorough care to our patients. Schedule a free evaluation today with one of our expert and board-certified prosthetists. 

What Are My Prosthetic Options?

Loss of limbs can be a traumatic experience for an individual, both physically and emotionally. The loss of a foot or part of a foot can occur due to a variety of reasons such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and traumatic injury. It is important for individuals who have lost a foot or part of a foot to understand that there are options available to them to help them regain mobility and independence.

Prosthetic technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making it possible for individuals with foot or partial foot loss to lead active and fulfilling lives. A prosthetic foot or ankle can be custom-made to fit the individual’s needs and can include features such as a flexible ankle joint, a rocker sole, and a lightweight design.

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Therapy and Support for Foot Loss

Physical therapy is also an important part of the recovery process for individuals with foot or partial foot loss. A physical therapist can work with the individual to help them regain strength and mobility in their remaining foot, as well as teach them how to properly use their prosthetic.

It is important for individuals with this type of loss to have a strong support system. This can include family, friends, and support groups for individuals with similar experiences. These support systems can provide emotional support and a sense of community for the individual.

We Go Above & Beyond for Our Patients

“I have truly enjoyed working with YaVonne and Pam at Above & Beyond Orthopedics. YaVonne has a wonderful personality and really cares about my progress. She always takes the time to explain things and make sure I understand what I need through this process. This practice really goes Above & Beyond for their patients!”

– Christine S.

Foot or Partial Foot Loss FAQ's

The most common cause for amputation of the foot or toes is complications from diabetes.

Yes, you can speak with your surgeon and care team before undergoing amputation of the foot to understand your options regarding amputation level and future prosthetic treatment.

After the limb has healed, rehabilitation includes fitting with a prosthesis to support balance and mobility, learning how to safely manage the limb, and using assistive devices or prosthesis to support mobility and balance.

It may take time to learn to balance and walk with a prosthesis after amputation of the foot, be patient and reach out for support when needed.

Yes, a person with amputation of the foot can live a full life with the right prosthesis designed by a prosthetist with the support of the medical and rehabilitation team, with the use of technology and clinical expertise available today.

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