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Upper Extremity Prosthetics in Grosse Pointe, MI

So many people take for granted the ability to reach out and grab ahold of something. The human hand is, in many ways, the place of human possibility. For some of us, the loss of an upper extremity can be so, so challenging. But you are far from being alone. At Above & Beyond Orthopedics in Grosse Pointe, MI, we have the latest, state-of-the-art upper extremity prosthetic devices for both cosmetic appeal and 21st-century functionality.

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The Right Prosthesis for You

There’s no one right reason to seek an upper extremity prosthesis. For some, their concerns center on appearance or feeling whole and at home in their own clothes wherever they go. For others, functionality is the primary challenge, and regaining it becomes an absolute must. For all reasons, Above & Beyond has you covered.

Passive Prosthesis

Passive prosthetics can bend, lock, and articulate like normal, providing balance and bracing without active gripping. This option restores moderate function & your sense of self.

Body-Powered Prosthesis

For transradial and transhumeral amputees, body-powered prosthesis can provide gripping power through ulterior movements (or contractions) of the chest, back, or other body parts.

Myoelectric Prosthesis

This form of upper extremity prosthesis uses a distinct power source for superior control, gripping, and object manipulation. Myoelectric prosthetics provide consistent, smooth handling.

Other Prosthesis

Hybrid options combining two or more prosthetic types are available, and can be further tailored to individual needs so that you feel as empowered as possible each and every day.

Patient Testimonial

“I received excellent services. I didn’t have to wait a long time before being seen, and the staff was very professional, and my needs were met, and I can honestly say I’d recommend my family and friends [go] here.”

-Lamor L.

Upper Extremity Prosthesis for Authentic Living

As a local, minority- and woman-owned business, Above & Beyond Orthopedics prides itself on matching every customer with the prosthetic device that serves them best, restoring as much functionality as they need to live whole. Serving Grosse Pointe, MI, and Metro Detroit, we can help you find the perfect upper extremity prosthetic solution so that you can get a grip on whatever you love in life. 

To learn more about your prosthetic options, or to find a solution based on your needs and hobbies, schedule your free evaluation today! At Above and Beyond Orthopedics, we won’t rest until you have what you need to take hold of what you enjoy most.

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