Orthotics for Independence Throughout the Holiday Season

As the nights cool and the leaves change, we’re free to look forward to the holiday season and all the joy it brings. But for those of us with orthotic or prosthetic needs, the last few months of every year pose a recurring challenge. 

For 1 in every 4 US citizens, arthritis is a particular barrier to enjoying the holidays. Even small trips mean long hours spent sitting, standing, walking, or crammed into tight spaces. To make matters more difficult, we’re often asked to choose between looking our best and feeling our best when orthotics are concerned.

Thankfully, with devices from Above & Beyond Orthopedics in Grosse Pointe, MI, you don’t have to choose between limiting discomfort and looking glamorous. Our orthotics come in dozens of shapes and sizes, making them easy to hide under clothes and comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. Here are a few of our orthotics that might just save your holidays.

Comfortable & Concealable Orthotics from Above & Beyond

For the Ankle

Your ankles take a beating throughout the holiday season. Standing for hours in a TSA security line or sitting in a car for several hundred miles can put a surprising amount of pressure on your ankles. 

For those with ankle arthritis (among other conditions), Above & Beyond provides a number of options. Our solid ankle foot orthosis (AFO) increases triplanar control of your foot and ankle for maximum rigidity when standing. We also enable comfortable, natural walking with a carbon fiber AFO and other articulating AFOs. For exceptional mobility, our ground reaction AFO combats weakness or buckling in the knees while also delivering extra support for ankles.

Our ankle orthotics are designed for numerous indications (conditions), including:

  • Ankle arthritis
  • High tone or plantarflexed foot positioning 
  • Foot and ankle deformity
  • Ankle instability
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD)
  • Peroneal tendonitis
  • Chronic ankle sprain
  • Subtalar arthritis
  • Drop foot
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • More

If you have any of these conditions, or if you need support without knowing exactly why, call us today at (313) 631-1296 or contact us online. We’ll get you set up with everything you need to stay mobile throughout the holiday season.

For the Knee

So much of everyday movement depends on your knees. It’s all too easy to take healthy knees for granted until arthritis or an old orthopedic injury damages your prospects for a festive family gathering.

At Above & Beyond, we prefer more modern knee braces and orthotic technology for the versatility and comfort they provide. Compression sleeves can only do so much, and other, widely-available knee braces are often too bulky or stiff to meet your needs.

At Above & Beyond, our knee orthosis (KO) is sleek and padded for comfort. It’s easily hidden under pants, dresses, and skirts, while still providing the rigidity you need to stand and the flexibility you need to walk comfortably. If you need full leg support, our Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) delivers top-down stability and control. 

You may need a knee orthosis or similar device if you’ve been treated or diagnosed with the following: 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Genu varum or genu valgum
  • Moderate to severe genu recurvatum
  • Knee instability or weakness
  • Instability
  • Post-polio syndrome

Enjoy Your Holiday Season in Style & Comfort with Above & Beyond

At the end of the day, limiting pain and enhancing mobility are more important than looking your best for strangers in the airport. While many of our orthotics can be hidden under clothes, not all can. But there’s little point in traveling for holiday fun if you’re bound to get there swollen, immobile, and in constant pain. Visit Above & Beyond Orthopedics in Grosse Pointe, MI, today, and let us find what you need to enjoy this most wonderful time of year.

To learn more about our orthotic options, call us at (313) 631-1296 or contact us online. Proudly serving Grosse Pointe, MI, and the greater Metro Detroit area, we’re here to help you enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

Don’t wait. Get the orthopedic devices you need for the holidays now!

Holiday travel is quickly approaching with only weeks left to find the orthopedic support you need. With ballooning airport wait times and all the usual difficulties of travel, you’ll want to ensure you have whatever you need to remain jolly all season long. Visit us today to learn more about our comfortable orthotics or contact us online. From our family to yours: happy holidays! 

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